Lomonosov Tournament

The Lomonosov Tournament is an annual multi-disciplinarycontest for middle, junior and high school students (6-11 grades). Younger pupils are welcome although the tasks might be difficult for them. No special knowledge beyond school curriculum is required. The main goal of the Tournament is to engage thinking outside the box, ignite the interest and inspire further learning.

The Tournament gives an opportunity to try one's hand at any subject amongst mathematics, mathematical games, physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology, history, linguistics and literature. Children have 5 hours and a complete freedom how to split them between these subjects. They can solve teasers in one area all day long or try out each branch of science for a short while but usually they concentrate on 2–3 main areas of interest. The scores for each subject are measured independently and therefore one can be awarded in several nominations. In addition, there is a special price for those who did not do that good in a particular single study but the result in whole is good enough.

Successful pupils in 11 grade may be given a privilege for entering institutions of higher education. However, we can not foreseen the legislation and guarantee that.

The 34th Lomonosov Tournament will be held on September, 25, 2011.

There are two options for English-speaking students to take part in the Tournament.

All 11-grades must provide a valid ID (passport). Those who participate on-line will not get any admission benefits.

The Tournament starts at 10 a.m. It is advised to bring stationary, clean paper and probably some food.

The Lomonosov Tournament contacts:
mail: turlom@mccme.ru
web: http://turlom.info
phone: +7-499-241-1237