Russian version

The 37th Lomonosov Tournament on September 28, 2014 — online version


The evaluation lasts for several months starting immediately after September, 29. Once a particular work is evaluated, the results (scores, criteria and notes) become available for the participant.

Assessment criteria are the same as for the regular (in-person) Tournament.

Participants who disagree with their score may appeal.

Works with materials copied from other participants or any public source will be void.

Awards and recognition

The tentative date when the online Tournament results are fully published is February 2015.

Successful participants are awarded with certificates. Award criteria are the same as for the regular (in-person) Tournament. Certificates are issued to participants in electronic form (as a PDF file or a JPEG image). Upon request the committee will issue a paper version of the certificate, which can be obtained at our office in Moscow, Russia.

Lists of winners, award criteria, assessment criteria, tasks and solutions wiil be published on the Tournament web-site

No any benefits (like admission preferences) are available for the online Tournament participants.