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The 34th Lomonosov Tournament
has been held on Sunday September, 25, 2011

The Internet version of the M.V.Lomonosov Tournament has been held.
On-line tournament is held at the same time and consists of the same tasks as the traditional Lomonosov tournament (in Russian and English).
Get more information about the traditional Lomonosov tournament and problems set in the previous years.
The competition starts at 10:00 GMT+4 (Moscow time) and ends at 15:00 GMT+4 (Moscow time).

The Tournament is over! The papers are checking up right now.

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Some statistics
There were 7318 participants registered. 4724 of them had submitted at least one solution.
There were total 40004 solutions submitted.
There were participants from Belarus, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Russia, South Korea, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan in the Internet version.

Participation in the competition is personal, free-will and free of charge. No group registration is provided.
The on-line tournament consists of the same tasks as the traditional Lomonosov tournament and checked according to the same criteria. The traditional intramural competition tasks are calculated on independent performance, using any additional source of information is strictly forbidden. Participants of the on-line tournament must obey the same rules and perform their tasks individually. Using any additional source of information (books, encyclopedias, media, internet etc.) is strictly forbidden.

The on-line tournament winners are awarded with certificates for successful participation, no benefits are provided for the on-line competition winners.

For participation in the on-line tournament PC and internet access are needed. For each contest text format of answer is foreseen (the answer should be typed in a special window). You may need to attach an image to your answer so you may need scanner or digital camera. Scanned images are approved if they are send in one of the following formats only ( .JPG, .GIF, .TIF). No other formats are accepted.

Competition results tentatively are to be published on-line on December, 20, 2011

If you have any question please contact us iturlom@mccme.ru

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