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The 36th Lomonosov Academic Tournament

for Middle and High Shool Students

September 29, 2013

The Lomonosov Academic Tournament is an annual multi-disciplinary contest for middle and high school students (grades 6 to 12). Younger participants are welcome to participate although the assignmentsmight be difficult for them. No special knowledge beyond school curriculum is required. The main goals of the Tournament are to encourage children to think outside the box,to ignite interest in science and to inspire further learning.

The Tournament gives you an opportunity to test your skills in a variety of subjects: mathematics, mathematical games, physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology, history, linguistics and literature. The tournament lasts 5 hours. Participants are free to choose how they split their time between different subjects. They can solve brain teasers in one area all day long or try out each branch of science for a short while. Usually studentsconcentrate on 2–3 main areas that are of interest to them. The scores for each subject are granted independently; therefore, one can receive awards in several nominations. In addition, there arespecial certificates for those students with high overall score who were not recognized in specific categories. Students of the last grade (11th grade in Russia and some other countries, 12th in US) shall do all subjects in a dedicated classroom.

The tournament is held in various locations in Russia and abroad. Problem sets and rules are the same for all locations. All solutions should besubmitted in writing. In the section of mathematical games, oral solutions may be accepted in certain location. Also there is an option to participate in the online version of the tournament. The online tournament has the same problemsand criteria; the certificates are granted for "successful online participation".

As a rule, the Tournament takes place on the last Sunday before the first Saturday of October. This year the day falls on September 29, 2013.

You can participate in the Tournament in person or online. The problem sets will be given in Russian. English translation will be available. One location in Moscow will feature English speaking staff. Participants in other locations might need to come with interprets in order to communicate.

The tournament has been established in 1978 and is held on an annual basis. This provision regulates Terms and Conditions of the Tournament. The tournament is run by the following organizations: Moscow Center for Continuous Mathematical Education, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow Institute of Open Education, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow State Technological University "Stankin". Nikolay Konstantinov is the chairman of the Tournament. Other institutes, schools, science and charity organizations and funds help to run the Tournament.

We accept requests from organizations willing to host the event from April to the middle of September.

Email: (secondary email in case of technical issues with the first one:
Information on the Tournament is available on the Internet at (aliases: http://.,
Our phone: +7 499 241 12 37

Tasks from the previous tournament:

Astronomy | Biology | History | Linguistics | Literature | Math | Math games | Physics | Chemistry

Astronomy | Biology | History | Linguistics | Literature | Math | Math games | Physics | Chemistry