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37th M.V. Lomonosov Competition September 28, 2014

Open Distance Team Competition
(from September 30 till October 15, 2014)

The Moscow Center for Continuous Mathematics Educationthe Organizing Committee of M.V. Lomonosov Competition are holding an open distance team competition providing the tasks of the 37th M.V. Lomonosov Competition from September 28, 2014.

The goal of this competition is similar to that of the traditional M.V. Lomonosov Competition that is to provide participants with food for thought and motivate those who are interested in studying seriously. The other goal is to give everybody (schoolchildren and adults alike) interested in the tasks of M.V. Lomonosov Competition an opportunity to use and develop their creativity while team-working.

Participation in the competition is voluntary and free.

To take part in the competition (receive and submit solved tasks) one should be online and use the competition organization electronic system at the following address:

Distant version of the 37th M.V. Lomonosov Competition from September 28, 2014 is held in the same system. One registration is sufficient for taking part in any of these two competitions, after the registration is submitted a participant is offered a list to choose one or several competitions held in different forms, terms and languages (Russian and ┼nglish) to take part in.

This competition is not about competing, it has neither stringent regulations nor any official standing. Successful participation in the competition will not be rewarded in any substantial way, competition organizers will only online diplomas in electronic form to successful participants.

All teams consisting of at least one child and any number of adults (including zero) may take part in the competition.

The competition participants will be given the same tasks as at the 37th M.V. Lomonosov Competition from September 28, 2014. It's a distance competition that will take place during the first two weeks after the main competition (from September 30 to October 15, 2014).

The adults' role is supposed to be mainly that of advising the schoolchildren participating in the competition. But, if necessary, adults may also help to write down the solutions previously discussed together with the children.

All tasks should be solved by the team on its own without outside help. Discussions should be limited to team members only, search for supplementary sources of information is discouraged. The organizers are supposed to evaluate creativity and achievements of the participants as opposed to the authors of supplementary sources of information.

In the solved tasks presented for evaluation every solution must be understood by at least one child of the team. Solutions only understood by adult team members are not to be presented for evaluation.

The teams may be organized in one of the two possible ways: captain led team and self-organizing creative team. Each participant may become a member of one or even a few teams or else be on his/her own (one person team).

Captain led team

Team's captain is a participant signed-up in the competition organization electronic system..

Captain appoints all members of his/her team on his/her own. Other participants need not be signed-up in the competition organization electronic system.

Captain is organizer and coordinator of his/her team. After all work is done he/she edits all final solution descriptions for the tasks that were proposed to his/her team and submits them to the competition organization electronic system in the name of the team.

Captain also submits a makeshift description of his/her team including its name (how the team is organized may also be mentioned: for example the same school grade, family ties, activity clubs, friendships and so on) and member list (last names, first names, school and grade number, individual roles played by members in solving the appointed tasks may be also indicated) and any other supplementary information that he/she deems useful or necessary.

In case of any controversy about solution descriptions to be submitted for evaluation or team membership captain's decision is final.

Self-organizing creative team

Each participant names others signed up in the competition organization electronic system, with whom he/she would like to form a team. Two participants form one team if both of them named each other but a team could also consist of participants who didn't chose each other directly and be a result of a "chain" of participants linked one way.

Every member of such team chooses his/her role in the teamwork on one's own and submits solutions of appointed tasks to the competition organization electronic system by himself/herself.

Final team result is a sum of all correct results submitted by team members. Wrong answers submitted by team members do not count and do not spoil the final team result.

So for every task appointed to the team it is enough for only one team member to submit the solution. If desired the team may also submit several solutions of the same task by different team members. For instance, when there are children of different school ages in one team (and solutions of older children are unclear to younger ones). Or when some members of the team disagree with solution proposed by others. Or when different team members want to submit different solutions independently of each other.

If some of team members have taken part in the regular M.V. Lomonosov Competition and/or its distance internet version of September 28, 2014, their work there will be also taken into account during the summing up of the team's creative achievement.

When evaluating results of every team member only correct solutions of the tasks addressed to the school grade the participant is in and up will be taken into account. Solved tasks set for school children of lower grades but submitted by older participants will not be taken into account in the summing up of the team's score (but results of their evaluation will be published nonetheless).

During the competition participants may change teams. Team member list becomes final only at the close of the competition on October 15, 2014 (all previous versions of team member lists will be disregarded at the summing up).

Only correct solutions submitted by participants are evaluated. Incorrect solutions submitted by participants are not taken into consideration and do not compromise the team's score.

Participants' results will be published as soon as their work is checked. Everyone will be able to see the results of evaluation of the task solutions that he/she submitted.

Evaluation period will be set by organizers and depend on the number of contestants, volume of delivered task solutions and the time needed to check them (current estimate May 2015).

Good luck and let your creativity roll!

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